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  5. "The wolf eats a moose."

"The wolf eats a moose."

Translation:Vargen äter en älg.

November 22, 2014



I notice that you persist in using moose and elk as interchangeable. In English they are not. Moose is American / Canadian and elk is northern European. Now, you are going to reply that they are an animal of the same derivation! Maybe so, but would you call a swede american or an american swedish?


Doesn't matter Vargen äter båda


That is the difficulty of translation and classification in language.

What we consider one in a language can be considered as many in other languages, with no direct translation.

For instance, both chihuahuas and bulldogs are dogs. Imagine a country that doesn't have the variations as nouns. They would both be referred to as dogs. And if the need to differentiate the two arose, they might be called a big dog / a small dog. And in another country, the word "dog" doesn't exist.

It's kind of what happened here. The level of detail in language varies from one country to another. So in translation älg could refer to either a moose or an elk. And both moose and elk would be called älg.


How has no one commented on this!?


I have no idea Maybe because it's not a question worth commenting on.


It's a fairly simple sentance. Nothing super confusing


Difference between mus and moose ?


Mus is mouse, älg is moose.


It is confusing me too

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