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Some words not showing up in lessons?

Hej, I don't know if anyone is running into this problem, but starting from Present 2 I've had problems with some of the vocabulary listed not showing up in the lessons at all. I'm mostly using the iPhone app but this problem replicates itself on desktop as well.

Lesson 4 - husker Lesson 5 - håber Lesson 6 - overvejer, vender, følger Lesson 7 - svarer Adverbs lesson 3 - endda, imidlertid

(I'm still at adverbs so there may be more further down the line)

The weird thing is, sometimes you'll see the words in the list of words to pick on the mobile app--but they're never the words being tested for. I still have no idea what any of these mean despite having """completed""" the lessons they're in. How should I report this?

November 22, 2014



The same happened to me with the food skill in Irish, as well as on this course.. Repeating the lesson sometimes makes the words show up, but sometimes they just decide to show up three lessons later.


I had the same issue with some words. I'll redo the lessons and see if they appear.

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