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The Danish language course is still lacking

I know it is in beta, but it has many errors and the spoken voice is often unclear. I am a native Danish speaker.

Some of the Danish sentences are quite unnatural, and there are often more than one correct way to say the same thing.

I did the German course (I am fluent in German as well) and it was much better.

Can't wait for the Russian course to get done!

November 22, 2014



I mostly just want to the immersion Tab for danish


Some of the alternate English translations are definitely still lacking. Tonight I lost points for translating "tak" to "thanks" instead of "thank you". Unfortunately it was a timed review so I couldn't stop and comment; hate to lose those points! ;)

I'm actually impressed with the spoken voice but yes, there are times when its pronunciation is worse than mine! A poster in the glottal stop thread suggested that if you're on a Mac, you download the Magnus voice under Dictation & Speech and use it to double-check when in doubt.

The other thing that's really helped me work on my pronunciation is to use the DuoLingo app on my iPhone with keyboard/dictation set to Danish. Typing in my replies on the phone has always been a drag, so now I dictate them and the characters on the screen let me know pretty quickly if what I'm saying sounds like Danish!

I'm thrilled to finally have such an excellent resource for learning Danish, and especially for mastering the grammar, which has always stopped me from speaking even though I understand the language quite well. (My mother's family is Danish but we live in Canada and English is my first language.)


Well, I abandoned the course because of the poor quality. During the day I have to switch between English, Danish and Vietnamese keyboards on my Mac and my devices (Android phone and tablet). One gets used to it :-)

Clearly, the margin for errors in this particular course is very narrow. Too narrow. And some of the Danish (and English) sentences do not make sense at all.

Oh well. Back to Coursera's MOOC.


This MOOC you refer to, is it for Danish?


No, just some other courses I am taking (history, philosophy, and such).


Don't forget the German course is so so much older! Danish released roughly 4 months ago, while the German course exists for at least 2 years now. Have some patience polishing takes time. I'm sure they do their best to polish the danish course.


I agree that the voice is not the best. Since I don't know any Danish people, I've been curious if the Danish people actually speak like that or if the voice is just bad in pronunciation.


The pronunciation is not bad per se, but the recordings are sometimes bad as they swallow the last syllable. As you can imagine, even a small population like the Danish (5.5 M people) has a surprisingly large number of local dialects. For a language course the voice used is OK. Also, the different ways of saying the same thing is being cut to narrowly, I think. Alas, it is still beta.


Sometimes it's not just the last syllable, unfortunately. Occasionally words are just pronounced strangely. I often do Duolingo whilst sitting next to my boyfriend, who is a native Dane, and he often comments that things sound strange.

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