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Why did you choose to learn Swedish?

[deactivated user]

    Explain your personal reason and appreciation for learning the language?

    November 22, 2014



    Ich möchte manchmal Schwedisch üben, weil liebe ich Sprachen lernen und ich habe das Schwedisch ist eines wunderschön Sprache gehört :D


    Ja, stimmt! Schwedisch ist sehr wunderschöner. :D


    Ja, so Leute sagen! Aber habe ich niemals er gehört gesprochen ;-; Und ich habe das es war einer germanische Sprache nicht gewusst xD Ich glaubte es war... ich weiß das Wort nicht, aus die gleichen Familie wie Russisch?0.o Slavic in Englisch ._. Aber jetzt weiß ich :D


    Aber habe ich niemals er gehört gesprochen

    Es gibt eine sehr gute schwedische Fernsehsendung heißt 'Äkta Människor' (oder 'Real Humans' auf Englisch).


    Wirklich? Schwedish ist so schön. Du musst Schwedisch hören! Ja, Schwedisch ist eine germanische Sprache.


    Deine Deutsche Sprachkenntniss ist sehr gut, aber ich glaube, dass es: "und ich habe nicht gewusst (oder 'ich wusste nicht'), dass es eine germanische Sprache ist" sein solle? (vielleicht bin ich falsch, weil ich Deutsch 12 Jahre in der Schule gelernt habe, und ich weiß nicht warum, aber ich war immer besser in Englisch (C2). Nach den 12 Jahren war mein Deutsch Sprachkenntniss Grad nur B2 :/ )


    Sweden is love, Sweden is life.


    i always check out the first lesson or two of every language to see if i like it - and i really liked swedish, the automized voice even sounded nice! so i kept swedish.


    I started "learning" almost two years ago just because I really liked the language and was quite interested in the country, but I didn't make a lot of progress because resources are not easy to come by where I live. Then, half a year later, my (now) boyfriend came to my school on an exchange year from Sweden. After he left, we kept in touch, our relationship blossomed, and now I sort of live between the US and Sweden (currently in Sweden until mid-December, then back to the US, then back here again). I think Swedish is very beautiful, and Sweden itself is quite wonderful.

    [deactivated user]

      That's awesome. I have a foreign exchange student friend from Sweden, he loves it here (USA) for the fast food, girls, and gun rights. However, I ask him a lot about Sweden, it seems like a much more collectively forward-thinking country (recycling is so prevalent, gender equality, and overall, I can really appreciate the culture.)


      I wanted to learn Swedish because I thought it sounded cool and I heard it was easy to learn. I think it'll look neat on my resume along with German and possibly Dutch, Spanish, and Esperanto.


      I listen to a lot of bands that come from Sweden, they all sing in English and have very few songs in Swedish, but that got me interested in the country, like why does Sweden produce such good music, and the language. Also, the movie Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and a TV show called Annika Bengzton (sp) (it's on Netflix and has subtitles if you're interested in watching it) I understood some of it because of my prior knowledge of German, but also it, sounded great to me and was a mystery I wanted to discover. But mostly, because of the music I listen to. Without the music I wouldn't have been nearly as interested as I am now.

      [deactivated user]

        I started listening to Fever Ray a while ago, awesome musician.


        I have a friend who is from Sweden and his family mostly speaks Swedish so I though I would learn


        Many years ago I went to the 8th World Rover (Scout) moot in Melbourne, Australia. Obviously, there were a lot of Australians there, but the next largest contingent were the Swedes. As a result, I spent some time chatting with a group of them, and that inspired me to add the language to my 'one day' list. And then it turned up on duolingo:-) So obviously I had to try it:-) I'm obviously not far through, but I'm finding it such a relaxing language to learn after starting Irish (which I'm determined to become proficient in!), that I think I will stick with it:-)


        Because I had to (at school)! But I have always liked svenska, Sweden and Swedes, so that's why I still keep studying it. What's the policy in other multilingual countries, like Switzerland or Belgium? Does one have to study all official languages?

        [deactivated user]

          Wo wohnen Sie?

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