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"The man and the boy are reading books."

Translation:Mannen och pojken läser böcker.

November 22, 2014



Is there any pattern to tell which words change their vowel when forming the plural, like it happens with bok → böcker?


There isn't a rule but the list is short and most of the umlaut plurals are listed here: http://www.lardigsvenska.com/2010/08/nagra-svara-substantiv.html


ok so what is the difference between bockar and bocker? like It told me to and it as a plural you had to have it as bockar when it corrected me, now it saying bocker. Halp


Ok so i put 'ar' word (english keyboard so i can't put the letter in there) in between pojken and laser. But it makes out that it has ruined the sentence. In a general conversation would 'ar' ruin a meaning of a sentence or would it be normal?

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