"The man and the boy are reading books."

Translation:Mannen och pojken läser böcker.

November 22, 2014

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ok so what is the difference between bockar and bocker? like It told me to and it as a plural you had to have it as bockar when it corrected me, now it saying bocker. Halp


Is there any pattern to tell which words change their vowel when forming the plural, like it happens with bok → böcker?


There isn't a rule but the list is short and most of the umlaut plurals are listed here: http://www.lardigsvenska.com/2010/08/nagra-svara-substantiv.html


Ok so i put 'ar' word (english keyboard so i can't put the letter in there) in between pojken and laser. But it makes out that it has ruined the sentence. In a general conversation would 'ar' ruin a meaning of a sentence or would it be normal?

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