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Tips and Notes, especially on the plurals

I have a Swedish friend who writes lyrics (in Swedish) and trying to read them over the years I've picked up quite a bit of Swedish. I began to feel that I could almost, should almost be able to read the language, but, for example, I found the plurals confusing. So I got a couple of grammar books and read the explanations. And re-read them. And.. gave up. But your explanations, my friends, absolutely ROCK! Finally, clarity! And to boot, they're funny as well. If you ever need a letter of recommendation for being Swedish teachers, ask me! Hugs to you all for a great job.

November 22, 2014



Happy to hear that you liked it and that it helped you :)


Do you have any moments of clarity you'd like to share with the group? What way of thinking about it caused your aha moment?

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