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  5. "Han kastade bollen i mål."

"Han kastade bollen i mål."

Translation:He threw the ball into the goal.

November 22, 2014



It seems to me one could also say: i målet, but I am not sure and I did not try. Any comment?


Yes, I tried 'målet' and it wasn't accepted. Why is this? Surely it should be the bestämd form


It should not be accepted, sorry. We just don't say that, it's always i mål.


Ok tack, so in which situations is 'målet' used then?


In other situations where you're talking about a goal. It's just that, in that phrase it's kinda fixed and we just say i mål. Here's an example where both mål and målet are used:

  • Kommer du ihåg målet jag gjorde förra matchen?
  • Aa, jag trodde aldrig att det skulle bli mål, sån tur.

Translation (roughly):

  • Do you remember the goal I scored last game?
  • Yeah, I didn't think it would go in, lucky shot.

Also, mål can refer to an abstract goal or objective as well as a legal case.

  • Vad har du för mål i livet?
  • What are your objectives in life?

  • Varför tar det här målet sån tid?

  • Why is this case taking so long?


Ok tack så mycket, so it's generally used as you would expect other than this example. tack för förklärningen :)


the English translation sounds weird--I would say, 'he threw the ball into the target', but it was not accepted


Cheating! He cheated folks! And now all foreign learners learning swedish know it!!!


See my other comment -.- There are more sports in this world than, say football.


What sport is this talking about?


Not if you are talking about Maradona! :D


related to the english "to cast"?


Why 'to the goal' was not accepted here? Thanks.


The words "i mål" carries the meaning of scoring a goal. However, neither "to the goal" nor "towards the goal" does.


The English word cast means "throw", btw.


Sure, but it's very unidiomatic to use in this sentence.


Well, yeah, but it sounds hilarious and isn't technically wrong (maybe, google translate seems to agree). Ergo, it should definitely be accepted >.> <.< >.> ^.^

• "He cast/had cast the ball into the goal."

• "He had cast the ball into the fires of Mount Doom, the creature Gollum having held fast to his precious until the very last."

Same thing, really, I mean come on..


No, we're not supposed to accept technically correct but bad translations.

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