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"La diferencia es mínima."

Translation:The difference is minimal.

3 years ago


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What's wrong with " the difference is minimum" ?? :(

3 years ago

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I think it is correct and should have been accepted. Minimum is both a noun and an adjective. Here it is an adjective and is synonym to minimal. Maybe minimal sounds better but minimum is not incorrect IMHO.

3 years ago

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I put the difference is small and it was marked wrong

2 years ago


I don't understand because it means pretty much the same thing in english

2 years ago


Maybe you should report it?

1 year ago


"Tiny' is given in hints but is marked wrong. DL maybe being rather too literal here see http://www.spanishdict.com/translate/m%C3%ADnima - I'll report it.

1 year ago


I got this after 'What are the differences?' Rather odd, if you ask me.

2 years ago


what is wrong with "The difference is small" it means the exact same thing.

1 year ago

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Why rewrite the sentence with a synonym when the most obvious translation is absolutely correct.

11 months ago

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@ Andreaja69: I would call that "being wise after the fact". We have also seen Spanish words here where the most obvious translation is actually incorrect.

I understand that the noun is "minimum" (meaning the least, smallest, or lowest number) and the adjective is "minimal" (meaning small, tiny etc.). However, as the others indicate, it is such a common mistake that it might now be accepted in some English-speaking regions.

It is fascinating to see how the English language has changed in my own lifetime. I can remember my parents and grandparents using words and phrases that I considered old-fashioned. I really have no reason to complain now that the boot is on the other foot!

11 months ago