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Translate Bread

In basics (Not sure which one) it asks the user to Translate ¨bread¨ and I a beginner to Swedish put in bröd as it tells you earlier that that is bread but it said that the correct solution was ¨ett bröd¨. I spoke to a Swedish friend I have at school friend at school and he said that it could be either. It would be good for the question to be clearer so then others don't get confused.

November 22, 2014



"Ett bröd" would be "a bread." Just "bröd" would be "bread" with no article.

If you lost a heart for saying "bröd" when it simply asked for "bread," then that's probably an error worth reporting. If the feedback was green, then the suggested "ett bröd" was just "this answer is also accepted."


Yeah I did lose a heart for just typing in "bröd¨ and it did only ask for bread and I have reported it because it did look unusual. Thanks for the help.

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