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"The bag contained all my things."

Translation:Väskan innehöll alla mina saker.

November 22, 2014



Note though, that it's used in ingenting (nothing), någonting (something) and allting (everything).


I remember having heard 'saker och ting' - in what context would it be used?


It is a fixed expression and you can find examples here http://sv.bab.la/lexikon/svensk-engelsk/saker-och-ting


In Danish, 'thing' was translated as 'ting' and Swedish also has the same word, but is it a synonym to 'sak' and is it as commonly used as 'sak'?


'ting' is almost never used in Swedish. I would even call it archaic.


I don't know anyone who would use "ting". It can be used, but it's kinda prehistoric. "Sak" is the word to remember :)


Also, people seem to very commonly say grejer for things in this sort of context - I'm not sure what the distinction is. Maybe it's a little more informal, like "stuff" (although unlike stuff, it's also used in the singular: en grej).


I would translate "sak" to "thing" and "grej" to "thingy". "Grej" sounds about as informal and childish to my ears in Swedish as "thingy" does in English.


Interesting. There's this one song in Swedish where one of the lines is "Jag måste göra min grej". So is grej maybe more of a non-physical thing?


This is a case where sak wouldn't work as well. I don't think grej works better for non-physical things, it's just that sak sounds way too formal in this case. (At least to my ears)


Any tips on how to remember when it's alla and when it's helt?


I thought alla meant everyone? Also, why mina and not just min?

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