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"Tháinig abhaile agus d'ól bainne le mo mháthair."

Translation:I came home and I drank milk with my mother.

November 22, 2014



It's worth studying Gaeilge just for these humourous comments alone


"Bhí biotáille Ghinéive bainne máthar di."


My mother and I drank Milk or I drank milk and my mother kept me company? In my experience Irish speakers are more careful with their language. I am especially suspicious where "with" is used as Irish has a lot of expressions they use which makes it clear what they mean.


Interesting to see the analytic verb form for the first person singular. I was under the impression that 'I" and "we" were always in the synthetic verb form (conjugated without the need for a pronoun), eg "siúlaim", not "siúl mé". Does that rule not apply to the past tense?


Ah, sorry. I'm on the app. I really should find a p.c. to go through the tips.

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You don't need a PC, you can use the browser on a phone or tablet.

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