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"Tháinig abhaile agus d'ól bainne le mo mháthair."

Translation:I came home and I drank milk with my mother.

November 22, 2014



It's worth studying Gaeilge just for these humourous comments alone


"Bhí biotáille Ghinéive bainne máthar di."


It's not easy to hear the difference between tháinig and chonaic


While I have met learners who have difficulties pronouncing chonaic, and sometimes end up saying something that could pass for tháinig, there shouldn't be any difficulty in telling the two words apart - th doesn't shound like ch, á doesn't sound like o and ic doesn't sound like ig. Even where one of these sounds might be ambiguous, it would be unusual to get all 3 wrong. In the case of this particular exercise, it clearly starts with a th sound, not a ch sound.

Chonaic sí a buachaill le cailín eile
Chonaic mé an féinphic ar an Idirlíon
Chonaic siad an grianghraf deas inné
Chonaic sibh an bogha báistí
Chonaic siad na cnoic glasa
Tháinig siad anuas de
Tháinig mé abhaile agus d'ól mé bainne le mo mháthair
Tháinig mé ar an suíomh gréasáin


Go raibh maith agat. I can now better hear the nuance between the two words.


My mother and I drank Milk or I drank milk and my mother kept me company? In my experience Irish speakers are more careful with their language. I am especially suspicious where "with" is used as Irish has a lot of expressions they use which makes it clear what they mean.


Interesting to see the analytic verb form for the first person singular. I was under the impression that 'I" and "we" were always in the synthetic verb form (conjugated without the need for a pronoun), eg "siúlaim", not "siúl mé". Does that rule not apply to the past tense?


Ah, sorry. I'm on the app. I really should find a p.c. to go through the tips.


You don't need a PC, you can use the browser on a phone or tablet.


D'úsáidim 'd'ól mé. An bhfuil sé sin mícheart??


An ait. D'úsáid mé "d'olaim" ar an dara ám agus bhí sé mícheart fosta??


... agus d'ól mé bainne - ceart
... agus d'ólaim bainne - mícheart

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