Who's milk is it anyway?

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"Die Katzen trinken ihre Milch." - is there a way to tell when "ihre" refers to the cats as "their" and when it refers to the milk as "your - milk"?

6 years ago


Well, "ihr" can mean a lot of things. 1) It can mean the nominative plural "you", like in "Ihr seid müde." 2) It can also mean the genitive plural "their", e.g. "Das sind ihre Umhänge." 3) It's also the dative AND genitive for singular feminine "she", like "Das ist ihre Uhr." or "Ich gab ihr den Ring."

Of course this sounds like a lot to handle at first, but please try to make friends with the German pronoun conjugation table. :D

6 years ago

In written German, yes: "ihre" (small 'i') means "her" or "their"; to mean "your" it needs a capital 'I'.

6 years ago
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