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Irish Guide to Reporting!

Dia daoibh!

Welcome to the Irish Guide to Reporting! This is a quick and simple guide to help you when reporting and to make sure all your issues are seen by us!

  • Green Arrow: "Report a Problem" Use this button to report any mistakes you find, or if you think your answer should be accepted. This report is then sent directly to us in the Incubator so we can review and fix any issues you find.

  • Orange Arrow: "Discuss Sentence" Use this section to generally discuss the use and meaning of the sentence. Please do not use this section to report any mistakes or missing alternative answers as we cannot guarantee that we will see it :)

We'd also like to take this chance to remind beginners that the first present tense taught in our course is the present habitual tense, i.e. it describes a recurring action, a habit. This means that it should be translated as I go on Friday, He goes on Wednesday, We buy cheese every week, etc.

I hope this helped clear things up for you guys!


November 22, 2014



What is the best method to report a problem we find if we can't use the 'Report a problem' button, in particular, if we find a problem when using the iOS app, or when browsing sentence discussions, e.g. if you go to this sentence discussion and click the 'play audio' button, there is no audio?


1) If you find a mistake on the iOS app, there is no official way to report it, but we'd prefer if you post the issue on the stream of a contributor rather than the sentence discussion. 2) There is no audio in that discussion because an audio recording doesn't exist for it


Molaim go hard sibh as an obair ar fad atá déanta agaibh- ach ina dhiaidh sin féin, titeann mo chroí nuair a fheicim cuid de na botúin atá ann fós. Tá moltaí curtha isteach agam, ach níl fhios agam an mbíonn an t-am agaibh iad uilig a réiteach- cheartaigh mé cúpla botún sa samhradh, ach tá siad fós ann anois is cosúil… an mó duine agaibh a bhíonns ag plé leis an gcúrsa? Tá mé cinnte go bhfuil neart cainteoirí maithe ann a bheadh sásta cur leis an iarracht agus feabhas a chur ar an gcúrsa… Ní neart go cur le chéile!


For some of the exercises, it won't allow me to click "discuss sentence" at all. Most recently I've noticed this on "Prepositions 3", but I've noticed it before.


It would be helpful if all the pictures of tiny animals far off in the distance, we changed to close up of those animals. I had to use process of elimination to know that the horses were in that field (or lions or whatever animal was in the far background). Those distant animals were the answer. This was in the animals section. I didn't report it, because I wasn't sure if I should report it. I was having brain fog at that time. Sorry! Thanks! Cool lessons so far!


I've just started using this app. My wife has been learning Spanish and loves it so she advised me to try Irish. Unfortunately there is only audio on irish sentences its asking me to translate to English not on new irish words or irish words I'm clicking on to put into my sentences. Its not working as her Spanish is. Why is this?


My understanding is that the Spanish course uses a computerized text-to-speech (TTS) process for providing audio, which is why there is audio for every exercise.

There are a number of challenges to providing audio for the Irish exercises, most especially that there was not a TTS engine that they could use. So all the audio had to be recorded by a person which is time-consuming and expensive (in fact, they went through this process twice because the first set of recordings had some problems).

There are a number of resources you can use to help get a handle on Irish pronunciation. Here are a few:

  • https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/5176784 This discussion has links to a video and pdf that are widely used by beginners
  • https://www.teanglann.ie/en/ This dictionary website has pronunciation for many words, usually in the three main dialects - lookup a word and then check the Pronunciation tab
  • https://forvo.com/ Be aware that this site allows anyone to upload a pronunciation, so the quality varies. The user BridEilis has uploaded a huge number of good quality recordings.
  • http://vifax.maynoothuniversity.ie/ This site has video clips taken from TG4's Irish-language news broadcast along with transcripts and exercises. Even if you find the exercises a bit too challenging at this point, it may be helpful to listen to video while reading the transcripts so you get a feel for the sound and cadence of spoken Irish.

There are many discussions in these forums that are helpful. So remember to read the discussions attached to sentences, and keep searching for questions you have.

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