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"Jag tycker om att åka till Sverige."

Translation:I like to go to Sweden.

November 22, 2014



Jag håller med :-D


I keep confusing "going" and "walking". This made for a pretty funny sentence here, considering I live in Canada...


can i say it in english that "i would like" ?


Nope. jag vill => I want, jag skulle vilja => I would like.


OK, i have not heard "skulle" yet...maybe later :)


thus: jag skulle vilja åka till Sverige? could you do a subjunctive with tycker om? I know I'm jumping the gun here...


Yep, so true :-)


As a native English speaker, "I like to go to Sweden" sounds very clunky. It can be said, but usually "I like going to Sweden" is the preferred phrasing. Is the same true for native swedish? Just wondering.


Swedish doesn't have the -ing construction, so no?


Is there a quick guide on when you need to use 'att' and when you don't?


If you verb doing another verb, the second verb needs to be in the infinitive form (with att).


… except with e.g. modal verbs like måste or vill where you cannot have att.
Jag måste läsa 'I must read' and Jag vill sova 'I want to sleep'.
Some more details in this post: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7075383


Can one translate this as "I think of going to Sweden" ?

[deactivated user]

    So tycka and gilla are not modals in Swedish? I'm comparing this to the use of mögen in German.


    "I like to drive to Sweden". Considering I live in Denmark, is it wrong?


    I would say that's incorrect because att åka doesn't imply a specific mode of transportation. To drive specifically would be Jag tycker om att åka bil till Sverige. I suppose you could also say "I like to travel to Sweden", depending on context. I don't know if that's an accepted answer.

    Both att åka and att gå translate to English to go (eller dansk at gå), but which is used depends on context: http://blogs.transparent.com/swedish/aka-or-ga/


    Thanks for the link :)


    If we r using gillar. do we say it "Jag gillar att åka till sverige" or "Jag gillar åka till sverige"?


    Jag gillar att åka till sverige. If you verb doing another verb, the second verb needs to be in the infinitive form.


    Sveiciens no Latvijas! I'm guessing you got what I said :D Nice to see a fellow baltic person :) How's your Swedish learning going, have you been there? Sorry about suddenly interrogating you, I see someone from Latvia or Lithuania online I feel like I know them xD


    Does this have a different meaning to "I'd love to go to Sweden"?


    What about "I think of going to Sweden"?

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