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Native Swede and I didn't pass the test.

I have a confession to make. I did the test to skip 47 skills and I didn't pass. I was born in Sweden 2002 and have never lived anywhere else.

November 22, 2014



Try again, you're still young! :)


You're probably just not used to translating, and just speak English without Swedish for reference.


Well, see it as an English test for you, not a Swedish test. I bet your knowledge of English is higher than the knowledge of a second language for most native English speakers at your age.

That said, the placement test was a bit frustrating for me too. There were quite too many translations not accepted. Reporting is ok but doesn't help in the current situation.


Please don't cry! There is something called typo :).


Same happened to me when I tried the Spanish test to see what level they teach to here. I'm bilingual, but apparently they are very picky about grammar, which I am not very good at as I just go by instinct and translate for meaning rather than exactness.


I studied Swedish at school for five years some years ago, so I decided to do the placement test. I tested out of Basics 1 and nothing else. Though, I think the Dutch lessons confused me a bit.


I had the same in Dutch when doing the placement. The problem was partly me translating too liberally, but also them not accepting correct translations. I reported all instances in which they didn't accept a correct translation and occasionally I still receive an e-mail that one of the translations I reported is accepted now. Unfortunately, I can't take the placement test again and I don't feel like completing the skills one by one as I won't receive much benefit from learning my native language anyway.


Delete the course and you can take the placement again :)


Well, there are typos, and the course is in beta so it might not accept all correct translations yet...

And natives don't necessarily always write grammatically perfect language, at least if they are not careful, or might use colloquialisms that are not accepted.

(personally I find it amusing how difficult there/their/they're is for English natives, it seems ESL people mistake those less often because they have learned from the start how those are spelled)


As an English native, I can attest to just how bad English speakers are at differentiating there, their, and they're. My cousin recently posted about how people are "they're for her." shudder


Same here. I was going to do the whole tree but after trying to test out of a skill three times I was like ''screw it''. It was probably because I wrote ''kompis'' instead of ''vän'' as a translation for "friend" and lots of other things like that... but it felt a bit bad, I must say hahaha.


I am also more wild and crazy in the beginning of a lesson, but when I have lost two or three hearts I try to be really careful just to make it to the end :).

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Confession is also a skill. Bon chance!


I used the placement test for both Dutch (my native language) and English (I'd say I'm fluent) - and neither put me at the very end, but I got a little higher in English... Wouldn't really think too much about it ;)


Min väns vän är svensk och fick inte igenom placeringen kursen antingen. Kanske för att du är inte van att behöva översätta.


How cute :)! Antingen = either, but as in either ... or (antingen... eller). Here, either should be "heller".


lol I had to use Google Translate for "antligen" :P

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