"We must produce more cars."

Translation:Vi måste tillverka fler bilar.

November 22, 2014

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However, according to grammar,"fler" is better because it is followed by a plural form (bilar). Mer functions with singular and uncountable words.


Why fler and not flera?


Doesn't "flera" mean "several"?


Only flera can mean 'several', but for fler as in 'more' (about countable things), both fler and flera are used. So either one works here, but fler is unambiguous.


I also went with "flera", I suspect because it sounds more like a plural than "fler". But I think they are interchangeable.


They're interchangeable in this case, but not always: only flera can mean 'several'.

fler/flera is the comparative form of the adjective många, so it does not inflect. So flera isn't more plural, but it is more ambiguous – fler bilar can only mean 'more cars', but flera bilar can mean either 'more cars' or 'several cars'.


Is "Vi behöver tillverka fler bilar" incorrect?


It's OK. In principle, there's a difference in meaning in Swedish between behöver and måste, but in English, the difference between need and must has been lost (at least to most/many speakers), so the English sentence is ambiguous.


I used 'mera' instead of 'fler' and it gives me a hint that i should use 'mer bilar' and not 'mera bilar'. Shouldn't be the other way around?


To begin with, mer is generally used for uncountable nouns, and cars are countable, so the best option might be using fler: But, this distinction isn't absolute. It depends a bit on how you think about the cars. Maybe they're viewed more as 'goods', so that they're not really seen as individual cars, and in that case, mer works too.

As for mer or mera in this case, both are OK but mer is overwhelmingly more common. (I've added mera.)

mer is an adverb, so it does not inflect like adjectives do.


Can you use "framställa" to mean produce?


No, not here. That means produce as in chemically producing a substance, or as in producing a legal argument.


Why mer bilar is wrong? your explanation is as usual very important. Errare humano est, perseverare diabolicum


mer is for mass nouns, and fler is for countable nouns.

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