"Vi tycker om restaurangernas mat."

Translation:We like the restaurants' food.

November 22, 2014

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And in typing the English, you have to demonstrate that you know how to use the apostrophe properly! Here's a refresher for anyone who needs it.


I did exactly that and it said I was "almost correct", and the default correct answer is "We like the restaurants food", a grammatically incorrect sentence in English. But then, as another correct solution, it gives my answer verbatim: "We like the restaurants' food".


Specifically, under "How does the typo system work?", it is answer A2.


Came here to check on this to see if it needed reporting but clearly everyone is well ahead of me! This is a great course!


See to me that just sounds wrong in English. I would say that I like 'those' or 'these' restaurants' food. Putting 'the' in is implying just one restaurant


In written English it is clear that restaurants is plural because the apostrophe is at the end. You can't hear the difference in spoken English, so in that case it would be better to say "we like the food of the restaurants" (which is accepted).


Technically yes, but it doesn't sound natural. I'd more likely say "the food in the restaurants," talking about a particular group of restaurants, or restaurants in a particular place, or "restaurant food": "I spent a week in Akron; I didn't care much for the home cooking, but I liked the restaurant food."


"Restaurant food" is definitely what I would say most often. Indeed, for the reason pietvo points out, I might prefer this plural possessive structure primarily in writing.


That just sounds like a bad translation from Spanish.


That may be a regional matter. In the parts of the United States I have lived in, it is perfectly normal to say "the restaurants' food," "the kids' school," "the trees' leaves," etc. I might very well find myself saying, "I'm not very fond of the restaurants' food, but they both have great wine menus."


So this literally means you like the [pleural] restaurants' food? Just to confirm! :)

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Yes, "restaurangerna" is plural.


It's perhaps a little bit clearer if you look at the word like this:

restaurang + er = plural without an article, eg. "restaurants"

restaurang + er + na = plural with the article "na", eg. "the restaurants"


That's how I do it too :⦆


so i type "i like the restaurants' food" - it's almost correct (restaurants without apostrophe), and it also shows me another solution: "i like the restaurants' food"


Could someone please tell me how you would do for >restaurant's< vs >restaurants'< in swedish? Thanks


Would it be "restaurant's = restaurangs" and "restaurants' = restaurangerna"?


a restaurant's = en restaurangs
the restaurant's = restaurangens
restaurants' = restaurangers
the restaurants' = restaurangernas

The spelling of this word looks weirder to me the longer I look at it :)


Is there some form of standard Swedish like with German or is this with a dialect?


There is an existing standard Swedish, it's the one we're learning here now. Naturally there are also different dialects like in all languages, for example Finnish Swedish which is slightly different.


The ' is missing in the answer.


Please refer to the many other comments on the same issue.


It annoys me how they omit the apostrophe in the english options. I learnt english systematically as a second language and I need that plural signifier!


Your program seems unable to recognize my final apostrophe in restaurants', e.g. and other examples correctly typed!


lol i just forgot to close the caps lock and i am wrong with translating it. such talent much duolingo


Wait, seriously? You were marked wrong for case? I thought they fixed that bug like three years ago...


The voice pronounces this sentence as to mean "we evaluate the food of the restaurants". "tycker OM", meaning like, must have the stress on the particle.


It does that a lot, all over the course. I've uploaded maybe half a dozen re-recordings already... I suspect there will be quite a lot of them before I'm done. :/



The voice is not quite perfect on this sentence, as of June 23, 2018, so I've taken the liberty of re-recording it.

There's not supposed to be any staccato in the sentence, but it sounds absolutely stilted when the TTS says it.

Please find a correct recording on http://duolingo.vydea.io/329fb8ef35364096a81871acab2ce75d.mp3

For more info on re-recordings, please check the info thread: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23723515

Thanks for listening. Ha en bra dag! :)


Since this is a general statement the article is not necessary


But it's not a general statement - restaurangerna is the definite form.


Mobile app choices do not always have apostrophes for possession.


Please display the apostrophes correctly. How can one learn possessive grammar without them. Please help me


Why is it ernas and not arnas?


"We like food from specific restaurants" or "Overall we like restaurant food, but from specific restaurants" ?


Definitely the former. For the latter meaning, we use restaurangmaten. Swedish uses compound nouns extensively - two nouns in direct succession are merged into a single one of the first describes the other.


I am confused. Some questions that you need to answer in English you use an apostrophe. Ex: as used in this question "We like the restaurant's food." has an apostrophe in the word restaurant, because in the English language we use apostrophes to show onership Ex: cat's , dog's , or Sailor Moon's. Or when we have two words and make then into one word Ex: Dont , wont, and hasn`t. We put the apostrophe where the middle letter from the second word is. So in not we put it where the "o" is. But we don't use an apostrophe is there is one or more of somthing ex: Cats,dogs,unicorns,lights,or posters."My cat is eating my dogs food."SHOULD have an apostrophe after the "g" in "dogs" so the correct way to write that sentence is: "My cat is eating my dog's food." The apostrophe after the "t" in "restaurant's is corrct. But I have noticed some grammar issues in this lesson with apostrophes. Thanks for reading!!



Please refer to the many other comments on the same issue. It's a known bug which Duolingo HQ doesn't appear to indend to ever fix.


I said it was the food of the restaurants, why was that wrong?


The "r" in restaurangernas is not pronounced, is it?


Uhm, which one? There are a few. :)


I check in google and its correct but i dont why the app didnt submit me.

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