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"You need to listen to my words!"

Translation:Je moet naar mijn woorden luisteren!

November 22, 2014



Is it possible to construct this sentence using 'hebben.....nodig' for need?


Nodig hebben means to need in the sense that you are in need of something, in this sentence need is used in the sense of have to, so translating it to nodig hebben is incorrect. Had the sentence been You need it to listen to my words! or You have the need to listen to my words!, that would be Je hebt het nodig om naar mijn woorden te luisteren!


I'm sorry but this makes no sense. The context could be "[in order to save yourself] You need to listen to my words". Is that not being a case of being in need of something?


Why does the hint say moeten when they reject it as an answer anyway? Not a good way to teach setting up for failure.


The hints only show possible translations for a single word or for a short sequence, but they ignore the context (like a dictionary). You should not rely on them too much.


why is jullie moeten not accepted


Can it also be - je moet luisteren naar mijn woorden?


My question as well

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