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"Foghlaimímid Gaeilge sa chúrsa sa Ghaeltacht."

Translation:We learn Irish in the course in the Irish speaking area.

November 22, 2014



Beidh mé ag dul go dtí An Ghaelteacht an tsamhraidh seo chugainn go dóchasach :D


Is áit álainn í. You will learn alot in three or so weeks


In several other exercises, it is allowed to simply use Gaeltacht as the translation for Gaeltacht. I think that is because it is commonly called that even when speaking English. Once one knows that, it certainly takes a lot less typing than "the Irish speaking area" every time it comes up.


Can anyone explain to me what the necessity is of having that double "im" in Foghlaimimid"? It sounds like a stutter!


The root of the verb is foghlaim. The contraction foghlaimim is formed from foghlaim+mé whereas the contraction foghlaimimid comes from foghlaim+muid. The contracted forms are the more commonly used ones so Duolingo is not programmed to accept the uncontracted forms (with a few exceptions that I have found).

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