"The boy has a yellow apple."

Translation:Pojken har ett gult äpple.

November 22, 2014



Hey ! Why is it "gult" and not "gul"?

December 10, 2016


I think its because Äpple is -ett word

February 8, 2017


That is correct.

February 8, 2017


how come it can't be 'en' as well??

November 22, 2014

November 22, 2014


Is "Pojken har gult äpplet" correct?

January 6, 2018


No. What you wrote is "the boy has the yellow apple" and would also need a 'det' "pojken har det gula äpplet"

If I'm not mistaken.

August 11, 2018


Same here i wrote pojken har ett gult aplett . Surely aplett is s correct form ? Please advise !.

October 12, 2018


Äpple is an -ett word, so the direct article is applet. The indirect article is 'ett äpple'. You're translating "a yellow apple". 'ett gult äpple'

October 13, 2018


Hello, Why does it need the 'ett' word? How come that it is not corretct without it, although 'gult' shows already that the sentence talks about one apple, and shows it belongs to the 'ett family'. Thank you!

October 22, 2018


If I'm not mistaken, 'gult' just shows the color. the form of gul/gult is used to reflect the type of noun you are describing. (a 'en' word vs a 'ett' word.) You still need 'en' or 'ett' in front to show that it is a single apple. you can't mix your participle (?) and your adjective. (en gult _ is wrong, so is ett gul _) All this from someone who is learning, just like you so take it with a grain of salt.... :D

October 30, 2018
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