"Preferisco quello nero."

Translation:I prefer that black one.

July 5, 2013

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How would you say "I prefer that (shade of) black"?


You can say that in Italian with no ambiguity:

Preferisco quello nero = I prefer the black one.

Preferisco quel nero = I prefer that (shade of) black.

When you use "nero" as a noun, its article is "il", so you have "quel" and not "quello".


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Many thanks... I had the same question


Duolessio - that was a concise, clear answer indeed.


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Forse "Preferisco quella tonalità di nero" , ma non sono sicuro.


so then it's not possible (or just not done) to use "black" alone as a color? the italian would have to state explicitly "the color black"?


In this sentence "quello/a/i/e" is a pronoun (used only without a noun) meaning "that one/those ones". When used as an adjective (only before a noun phrase) it behaves just like the definite articles: quel/quello/quell'/quella/quei/quegli/quelle. So if an adjective was required in this sentence (before a "pure" consonant as in "nero"), it would have been quel:

  • Preferisco quel nero (adjective + noun) = I prefer that black
  • Preferisco quello nero (pronoun + adjective) = I prefer that black one

Thus, even if "I prefer that black" is grammatically correct, it is not a correct translation of "Preferisco quello nero".


How do we surmise that they're referring to 'one'? I read that as 'I prefer black'. Can anyone shed any light on this?


According to 'Collins easy learning Italian Grammar': "When you want to say 'this one', don't translate 'one'. Use questo if what you're referring to is masculine, and questa if it's feminine. The same goes when you want to say 'that one': use quello, or quella.


"i prefer that black" how is that wrong?


Because you prefer that one, which is black. Black is an adjective which modifies the pronoun quello

quel nero would be that (color/shade of) black, since then the noun is il nero and thus we use quello+il = quel



That to me sounds unidiomatic. I'd say either 'I prefer that black one' or 'I prefer THE black (one)'.


When do I use Quel and when Quello?


Quello is the full form of the word, but it changes like the definite article according to the noun that follows it (see http://italian.about.com/library/fare/blfare112a.htm for some examples). So, if quello modifies a noun that starts with a consonant other than an impure s or z, it changes to quel (i.e. "quel ragazzo").

Since quello precedes a noun that starts with st, z, etc (like "lo" does), I was surprised too that this phrase uses quello and not quel. But I did a Google search for this sentence and found plenty of examples. My best guess (and I'm not an expert at all) is that in this sentence quello isn't modifying nero, because nero isn't a noun. Really, quello translates to "that one" rather than "that" when it stands all by itself and doesn't modify anything, so it just remains in its full form. That's my best guess, anyway.


Excellent guess!


Why isn't "I prefer that black" accepted? When choosing shades of color this sentence is acceptable in English.


Because you prefer that one, which is black. Black is an adjective which modifies the pronoun quello

quel nero would be that (color/shade of) black, since then the noun is il nero and thus we use quello+il = quel



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Where is the "one"in the sentence, please


It comes into the translation with the use of 'quello' since it is not modifying a noun starting with s, gn, pn, x, or z.

Quello nero = that black one / Quel nero = that black


Sorry! But the recording is so bad, that couldnt make out the last word. Also the voice trails off, which makes it worse. When this happens, it takes longer to get through to the next part.


'I take my coffee like i take my men'


'1' is the correct answer - I don't think so!


The translator pronounces "nero" as if it were 'gnero' or "yero" in both the fast and slow versions.


Io direi anche "quella sfumatura."


Can't hear nero at all on the voices


Why is it not 'I prefer this black one' (English is not my first language, but I thought I knew the difference between this/that, and in this case, why is it always translated with 'that'? We don't have context to know whether they point to a dress close to us, or further away?)


I prefer that black(one) . I do not know why Duolingo says it is wrong . You can add one and omit it .


Really? I wrote "this" instead of "that" and duolingo said it is wrong


Why do you say "preferisco" not "prefiro"?


There is a problem with this translation!!!!


I wrote, i prefer that one black and red t was marked wrong


I think the answers are very rigid, as in they will only accept your translation word for word in the same syntax.


quando si dice quello intendendo proprio uno tra altri non occorre mettere that one?


scusa non mi sono accorto prima che avevi scritto that black one. chiedo umilmente scusa


Every time I tap 'Can't listen now' I'm told it's incorrect and a heart is taken away.

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