"Juice och kaffe"

Translation:Juice and coffee

November 22, 2014

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It sounds like "yo uso café"...


Try to think of it more like "yo-us o café"


Is "juice" and "saft" the same thing in swedish?


It looks like there is overlap. Oddly, it is "äppelsaft" for "apple juice " and "druvsaft" for "grape juice ", but "apelsinjuice" for "orange juice " and "lingondricka" for "lingonberry juice ". "Fruit juice " can be either "frugtsaft" or "frugtjuice".

juice can mean soup, gasoline, fruit juice, electric current or fluids http://en.bab.la/dictionary/english-swedish/juice

saft can mean fruit juice, soup, electric current, fluids, syrup or sap http://en.bab.la/dictionary/swedish-english/saft

From another discussion in this set of lessons: mannekaeng posted

No not really! With "juice" we mean a fruit drink with no artificial ingredients or added sugar. "Saft" on the other hand could be any sweet non carbonated drink!


The last paragraph is correct, "äpplejuice" and "äpplesaft" are both correct but they are different types of drinks.


thanks :) great explanation


Juice contains much fruits and saft contains only smaka fruits and mycket water and sugar,


How do I say "or" in Swedish?


Am i correct to think that you kind of drop out the end of "och" when speaking fluidly? In all the examples where it's saying " and " the "och" pretty much sounds like just "o" to me.


I swear I hear "ljus och kaffe"


So is juice pronounced yuce?


Juice and jos are pronounced the same, and mean the same thing? But Jos is considered incorrect?


The spelling jos might occur, but it's very uncommon. It never caught on. They mean the same.


Hae Zmrzlina. In my case this sentence showed up just after I had to translate "something (? can't remember) and juice" to Swedish. Since I didn't remember having learn the word for juice before, I tried the Icelandic word jus. And it told me it was correct, just with a typo, so "jos". My surprise when this phrase came right after, I translated it to "jos och kaffe" and it told me "WRONG" :D


That's odd, jos seems to be accepted everywhere at least in this lesson. Are you sure you didn't have some other typo?

– That said, the story of the word jos is this: SAOL tried to introduce that spelling as the recommended one – they're usually more careful with being normative, but in this case they tried – but so many people absolutely hated that spelling that they had to give up. Today that spelling is not even in the dictionary anymore. We're only accepting it because it has been in there earlier. I'd really not recommend spelling the word that way, truth is it looks awful to very many native speakers.


I had the exact same thing happen to me just now. I couldn't remember the spelling for "juice", tried "jus" and it was corrected to "jos". Then, in the next sentence "jos" was marked wrong.


Maybe you're talking about the write what you hear exercises. We do not have a good way to get alternative spellings accepted in those, so they tend to be stricter about spelling than the other exercises.


Oh, I see. It might have been a listening exercise... My memory is not the best. Thanks for answering!


ahahah note taken! :D i won't dare spell it like that then! ^_^ thanks a lot for commenting, much appreciated.


Is it okay if you pronounce it like 'jews'? i've been told thats how it sounds when i say the word.


i mean it works but it will sound weird if you pronounce it like that, it sounds more like "jos"


Why "Juice" is translated the same on both english and swedish


Because juice is juice in Swedish .


In Swedish we says juice , JOS sounds JOSS

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