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  5. "Hvor mange maver har en ko?"

"Hvor mange maver har en ko?"

Translation:How many stomachs does a cow have?

November 22, 2014



En ko har fire maver.


One stomach, four chambers.


I interpreted the Danish sentence as 'How many stomachs have a cow?' I wonder whether the Danish sentence is actually ambiguous about this, or whether the only interpretation is 'How many stomachs does a cow how?'


The danish sentence does not seem ambiguous to me. "How many stomachs does a cow have?" is the correct translation.


The English translation is correct, but if you want your sentence to be correct then it should be, "How many stomachs has a cow", or ".....has a cow got".


You don't get FiodorPavlovich's question. Replace it with "Hvor mange børn har manden?" That makes more sense. His question was if it can mean "How many children do the man have?", or "How many children have got the man", or "How many children got a hold of the man? ", and not just "How many children does the man have?". In other words, can you reverse object and subject in this sentence, no matter how much sense it makes.


Peter. The proverbial penny has dropped. I get it now. :-)


I thought that it had a specific word order like Latin. In Latin (usually) the order is Subject, Object, verb. Of course in English we do not speak like that.

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