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Sound issue in Chrome

So, all of a sudden the game sounds (little dings for correct answers etc.) stopped working in Chrome. The voice still works fine though. This is driving me crazy and I will be very thankful to anyone who can help me solve it.

So far I have tried the following with no solution:

  • Closed chrome, restarted chrome, rebooted machine

  • Logged in and out of Duolingo

  • Updated flash

  • Uninstalled and reinstalled flash

  • Deactivated all known extensions

  • Disabled all plugins

  • Enabled all plugins

  • Written to support (gave same advice as already tried above)

NOTHING has helped. The sound is working in Firefox, but I would rather not have to go to a separate browser for Duolingo.

50 lingots and my eternal gratitude to anyone who can give me the solution to this one.

November 22, 2014



Really obvious, obligatory troubleshooting question: do you have the sound effects setting turned on in your profile? I assume the answer is yes, and I assume you've already tried turning the sound effects off, saving, and going back in to turn it back on and save. But try it one more time, just for the sake of the task?


Yeah, I tried that also. And tried again right now, just to be on the safe side. Makes no difference, unfortunately.


Weird! (Thanks for trying again.)

If I were more savvy I'd walk you through using the console to see what's going on in Chrome vs Firefox. I wonder whether those sound files just aren't loading for Chrome for some reason.

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