"I often meet her on the bridge."

Translation:Jag möter henne ofta på bron.

November 22, 2014



Saga Norén, Lanskrim, Malmö!

November 16, 2015


What is the difference between att träffa and att möta?

March 23, 2015


I think you need träffa to mean the same as möta. Could be wrong though. As for the fundamental difference between the two, I am not sure.

May 22, 2015


träffa as a particle verb means 'run into', so it's like a chance meeting.
If you'd say Jag träffar henne ofta på bron, it would mean that the two of you meet there on purpose, but when you say Jag möter henne ofta på bron, it means either you meet her there by chance, or you go there to meet her.

I think there are more subtle differences between those two verbs but this is a start.

May 22, 2015


Thanks for the clarification.

May 22, 2015


So Arnauti, if I wanted to use the particle verb träffa på - meaning I accidentally meet someone - where would I place the på? Would it be Jag träffar på henne ofta på bron?

August 2, 2018


Is "Jag möter ofta henne på bron" also correct? Can "ofta" separate "möter" and "henne" in this case?

March 1, 2016


I wish someone could reply to this question...

January 3, 2018


Arnauti posted something about the word orden in swedish: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8970470 And according to that I believe that the right order should be "Jag möter henne ofta" But someone would have to verify if that rule always apply.

Sorry, specifically in this section: 1.1 Adverbials in main clauses

January 15, 2018


Then can we use "träffas"? Is it same as "träffa"?

December 8, 2016


No, "träffas" is reciprocal:

"A och B träffas", but "A träffar B" :).

December 8, 2016


What about "Ofta möter jag henne på bron"?

April 14, 2018


Why is vanligtvis incorrect?

April 18, 2018


Vanligtvis means usually, not often, if I am not mistaken. There is a difference even though they are similar.

May 13, 2018
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