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  5. "I see it again."

"I see it again."

Translation:Feicim arís é.

November 22, 2014



Shouldn't 'Feicim arís í' also be acceptable? It got marked as wrong.


I think that unless you definitely know the "it" to be feminine, the default is to use the masculine. The most usual translation back into English of 'Feicim arís í' would be " I she HER again", not "I see IT again".


What is wrong with "Feicim é arís.?

Having that marked wrong caused me to fail the entire test on the very last question! :(


Nothing’s wrong with it — report it as an error.


Why is it "e" and not "se". I thought "e" was only for the copula (sorry no accents)


is only used for the subject of an active verb, when it is adjacent to the verb - all other cases of "he" or "it" are é.


That was my answer and it was accepted with notation that the other order is an alternative. The system worked :-)


Thanks. I probably reported it at the time and they have since updated the system to accept both word orders as valid answers.

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