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  5. "Un sentiment de bonheur"

"Un sentiment de bonheur"

Translation:A feeling of happiness

July 5, 2013



A happy sentiment is marked as wrong.


I believe that this would be more properly translated as "Un sentiment hereux" rather than "Un sentiment de bonheur".


is "un sentiment de bonheur" more or less intense then to be "heureux"? i got the idea it is more intense because it also listed "joy" as one of the definitions. i'm trying to get more specific with my word choices in daily life, so if anyone knows i'd love the feedback.


I think both mean the same thing. Basically, those words mirror each other.

What they have in common is "heur", etymologically meaning "destiny/chance/hasard/luck".

"bon-heur" and "mal-heur" match each other, as good-hasard or bad-hasard would match.

So, "heur-eux" is derived from the same concept.


You are a tribute to this application and to humankind in general.


Could someone please say why 'a feeling of joy' was rejected?


joy = la joie


Yes, thanks Sitesurf. The reason why I asked is because in English 'joy' and 'happiness' seem to be synonyms. Various online dictionaries seem to agree. For example, both Macmillan and Oxford define 'joy' as 'a feeling of great happiness'. http://www.macmillandictionary.com/dictionary/british/joy And Merriam-Webster defines 'joy' as: 'a state of happiness' http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/joy Also: Collins Thesaurus (among several others) gives 'joy' as synonym for 'happiness': http://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english-thesaurus/happiness


In French, "la joie" is generally a lighthearted, temporary emotion, unless it is used in a religious sense (therefore rarer).

"le bonheur" is a deeper and lasting feeling.

That is the reason why Duo wanted to stress the difference by not accepting "la joie" as a synonymous.


Ah, more proof that not all synonyms can be used interchangeably. And yes, it is essential that would-be translators be made aware of these subtle nuances of meaning and usage. For your valued help in this regard, I thank you.


I would translate the words exactly that way in English as well.


Synonymous means similar, not "the same". There are nuances of difference between words listed as synonyms, and the context is important in understanding which to use. "Joy" is a feeling of extreme elevation, extreme happiness, profound through it may be, and is usually short lived, it simply cannot be sustained; while the word "happiness" connotes a more lasting state of being--more than mere contentment, it is deep and satisfying--and will not exhaust you as joy would.


A sense of happiness - wrong?


A feeling of contentment isn't the same thing?


What's wrong with "a good sentiment"?


Would "a happy sentiment" in English be better translated as "une pensée de bonheur?" Or is "un sentiment de bonheur" right but marked wrong?


"Une pensée de bonheur" is more like a thought or notion of happiness rather than a feeling. "Un sentiment de bonheur" is right, but they wanted you to say "a feeling of happiness" I believe.


A feeling of wellness? Is this synonymous, or is there some other way of saying this in French?


"Le bonheur" is an absolute, what we all are after on this earth. Compared to that, "le bien-être" (wellness) is rather lukewarm.


Need to work on the 'on' sound in the audio. Sound to much like 'une' for bonheur.


The first thing that came to mind was "A feeling of wellbeing" but my Collins-Roberts does not recognise it. Wellbeing is defined as (inter alia) "happiness" in the Oxford dictionary. Sometimes Well-being.


"wellbeing" is "le bien-être".

"le bonheur" should be deeper than that.


"A sentiment of happiness" says the app ... when would we even say that English? A feeling of happiness, a happy sentiment refering to a gesture, a sentiment of goodwill or good fortune are expressions used. But a sentiment of happiness is awkward sounding because you're either happy or you aren't. IMO


" a sensation of happiness " ??


A sensation is what your senses generate. Happiness is a mental feeling.


"Sense of happiness" is rejected and given "sentiment of happiness". Not sure whether it is a proper English.


Why not “un sentiment du bonheur”?


My answer:"a happiness feeling" was rejected, why?

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