"Der Weg ist schwer."

Translation:The method is difficult.

July 5, 2013



This does only seem to be correct when the expression is used figuratively. The correct way to translate it if not speaking figurativerly would be "The path/way is difficult". "The method is difficult." -> "Die Methode ist schwer/schwierig."

July 5, 2013


Yes, I agree. Without context this is not a good translation.

July 5, 2013


is "Der Weg" the latin equivalence of "via"? Like the one you would take to Rome?

January 31, 2014


Actually, "Viele Wege führen nach Rom" (all roads lead to Rome) is a German proverb :) "Weg" is one of the possible translations of Latin "via". For big vias, you'd rather use "Straße", though. If the intend of your question was an etymological one, I have to disappoint you. My Duden tracks the word back to the Indo-Germanic "uegh", not to Latin. See also here: http://is.gd/heNivC

January 31, 2014


Still rather new to German, though I thought that 'viele' means 'many' and 'alle(s)' means 'all', regarding your example.

April 5, 2015


You are right: "alle" means "all" and "viele" means "many". But we're dealing in proverbs here, so you can't translate everything literally.

April 5, 2015


I agree with the translation 'the route is difficult', 'the method is difficult' is not what you would expect in a chapter about travel. I peeked, and it also told me that 'path' would be a valid translation, and in Dutch, 'weg' means 'road', so I picked 'road' here: 'the road is difficult'. It said I was wrong, but I don't really see why...

August 31, 2013


Different languages use the same word differently. Wand in English means a stick and in German means a wall. While I agree with your point about it being in the Travel section and method as the translation, path was marked as correct in my attempt.

January 20, 2014


(May 2015) This is an acceptable answer now.

May 23, 2016


Never heard "Weg" prounounced like that....

May 8, 2014


I agree. I couldn't work out what she was trying to say.

August 24, 2015


I have seen in Austria that "Der Weg ist das Ziel" translated as "the trail is the destination". But here "trail" is not allowed as translation of "Weg"

February 25, 2014


This question reminds me of "Diser Weg" by Xavier Naidoo

September 3, 2013


Aluhut pls go

December 26, 2015


I think this translation with the word "method" is confusing learners. I would kindly recommend giving the options "route", "way", "journey" or "walk" as they fit better in the context.

December 5, 2015


How can 'Weg' mean both 'Method' and 'Track'?

February 23, 2015


Just as it can in English. For example, "which way do we want to go about this," "make your own way through life," "no matter which way you look at it." These examples all encompass a metaphorical meaning of the word 'way' which signifies an approach or method.

October 6, 2015


It is also "Trail" in German, no?

April 23, 2015


Its does say the method is difficult i think it should the road is difficult

July 6, 2015


Since Weg is treated as a new word in this sentence, I was surprised it didn't give path as one of its definitions.

September 29, 2015


I said "the way is rough" and it accepted it as a typo for "tough." Close enough.

October 6, 2015


I thought "It's a difficult path" would be an acceptable translation, but no!

August 28, 2018


This is a Hermann Hesse quote and it is mistranslated.

It talks about a road (the full quotation goes along the lines of “der Weg is schwer, der Weg is weit, …”), definitely not about a manner of doing something however poetically obtuse one wants to be.

November 28, 2018


Die Methode ist schwerig

March 29, 2019


on the assumption that "way" is correct, either the person speaking has not heard of a car, truck motorcycle, or in those rocky terrains, dynamite.

August 5, 2014


I understood it in a more figurative, but nonetheless related to travel, sense and thus answered: The journey is difficult. Beispiel: Frage: Wie komme ich zum XY Alm / wie komme ich nach XY Antwort: Sie gehen _, aber der Weg ist schwer Was denkt ihr?

September 14, 2015


Or: "The journey is hard."?

May 25, 2018


I wrote, the trail is difficult. It was counted wrong. I though Weg was a path that you can walk on so my answer seemed to make sense.

June 9, 2018


"Und die Pforte ist enge, und der Weg ist schmal, der zum Leben führet; und wenig ist ihrer, die ihn finden."—Matthaeus 7:14

November 14, 2018


The go is bad

March 9, 2019


Oh no, that sounds really wrong in UK English. I don't know about other places.

March 10, 2019


the way is hard

March 28, 2019


Incorrect... Der Weg means the way and not the method. Die Methode is the word for the method. I am finding more and more errors with various language exercises. That is not good.

May 30, 2019


So maybe in English it is like saying the road is bumpy or roads are confusing????

June 23, 2019


the way is hard

March 29, 2019


Die Methode ist schweirig

March 30, 2019


But you must be strong.

October 23, 2014
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