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"It happened when I hurt myself on the bottle."

Translation:Det skete da jeg slog mig på flasken.

November 23, 2014



You need to know that "da jeg slog mig på flasken" can have two meanings. 1. When i hurt myself on the bottle. 2. When i became an alcoholic.


At skade and slog, have the same meaning. "Skade" means hurt and "slå" means hit, I think the sentence can be misleading to people learning danish. I am saying this because I am danish myself and took the test for fun. I have found mistakes like this and others in the test, just saying.


Thank you, please flag the mistakes on the question page so that DL can check them. It would help us non-natives a great deal. Tusind tak!


BTW hvornar instead of da here?


There are different words for "when", depending on their usage in Danish.

If it is a question and you are using "when", "hvornår" is the correct Danish word to use.

If you are using when as a modifier (x happened/happens when y happened/happens), there are two options: If it is in the present tenses, you use "når"; if it is in the past tense, you use "da". They are not interchangable. We can say Danish is more specific that way compared to English.

Hope this helps, I am not a native speaker and these are the only "when" translations I know (there may be more).


I loved that hurt myself in Danish is slog mig. To this midwestern lady it sounds very humorous lol

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