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  5. "A big horse and a small cow"

"A big horse and a small cow"

Translation:Een groot paard en een kleine koe

November 23, 2014



Why groot instead of grote? I thought when the adjective comes before the noun the "e" went on the end (ex: kleine koe, grote man)


If the indefinite article ”een" comes before a het-word in the singular, then the adjective does not get the -e ending.

If it comes before a de-word, it does get the ending.


So if it was het instead of een it would be het grote paard? Or no?


Yes. Having the het there makes it behave like a de noun.


Thank you! My dutch oma couldn't even tell me why!


Thanks for the explanation.


Bedankt. I am viewing this on my phone. Whatever chart you posted, I would need a microscope to read. Next time if possible, post a link to a chart or whatever graphic instead. Dank je wel.


Because "koe" is a de-word and therefore "klein" needs an "e" when "koe" is used with an indefinite article like "een"


Ik heb het gwn goed maar hij zegt dat fout is


I'm confused! I wrote "een groot paard..." Apparently this was wrong. "You used the wrong word. Een grote knol en een kleine koe" What the hell is a knol, I googled it and the word doesn't even exist..


I would have reported the error message as that sounds like some sort of programing bug. BTW Knol is Dutch for tuber. But, I don't think that is part of the vocabulary in this lesson. So I would still report it as a bug.

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