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"Kan du låna mig hundra kronor?"

Translation:Can you lend me a hundred crowns?

November 23, 2014



Can you lend one hundred crowns to me?


No, but I just gave you a lingot instead.


My saving for Europe is shocking at the moment! This phrase may come in handy...


In case anyone is wondering... 100 krona ~ $11.47 in US dollars :)


why not add the 'ett' in front of the 'hundra'? ----kan du låna mig ett hundra kronor?


You can do both that and use the compound word etthundra, but we usually don't. hundra on its own means 100 so adding ett is redundant.


As Swedes write the numbers to 36 as words, 100 should be a valid solution here.


We don't accept using numbers when writing in Swedish in this course, since you won't get any practice on those words then. But in English it's fine.


Why do you insist to accept "a hundred"? Just "hundred" seems to be suitable.


I'm English and it sounds very wrong to me without either "a" or "one" before the hundred


And Swedish is not English. Hundra is a hundred by default


Does att låna mean both "to lend" and "to borrow"?


I cannot get past this as a speaking exercise. The hundra kronor is already marked wrong before i get to that part or, if i get to it, itbis marked wrong. I am not sure what i am doing wrong here, but before the update i have never had any trouble with the speaking exercises


Please write a bug report (support.duolingo.com).
Sometimes the same happens to me. As far as I see the only way to get out of the loop is to check that you can't speak at the moment. ;-( You then get the same sentence to translate.

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