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Swedish music suggestions?

I find that music helps me learn, and I know for a fact that Sweden has some great music. Does anyone have any suggestions for good Swedish bands or songs? Any genres of music are good, just as long as the lyrics are primarily Swedish. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help :)

November 23, 2014



If you're into indie pop (I guess that's what this is), Swedish band Kent sings entirely in Swedish and usually with quite clear articulation. A friend of mine used it when she learned Swedish a couple of years ago. Might be worth checking out.


Tack så mycket! Jag tycker om detta band!


Kent are amazing.... I'm lucky to have found them years ago. My favourite song would probably have to be Du var min arme. It's so sad and the entire album seems to evoke the coldness that I imagine Sweden to be. Well, at least in winter.


Finntroll!! Because some Finnish trolls sing in Swedish ;)


I support this.

I forgot to mention, they often sing in pretty broken Swedish, so it might not be the best for educational purposes.

[deactivated user]

    Just google, Melodifestivalen, it's like the big main Music event of the year, has huge sway on the Swedish charts, all the big Swedish stars go on it. This is the show that discovered Abba.


    Caramelldansen! (ignore the anime stuff if you'd like to, the lyrics start at 00:32, but here are the lyrics if you prefer that instead.)


    Here's a huuuuuuge thread: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5527028

    I also found some good stuff over on 8tracks.com by searching for "Swedish." This one was taking me through Friday afternoon.


    Den Svenska Björnstammen - Svalkar Vinden ^v^


    I love that band's name. The Swedish Bear Population. Proof that hipster band names are an international phenomenon.

    I told my husband about Den Svenska Björnstammen and he showed me I'm From Barcelona. (It's a Swedish band. They sing in English. Sure, why not?)


    Jens Lekman - sometimes he is in English so you need to find the swedish ones. Plenty on youtube I think.


    Movits sing very fast, since they are a hip-hop group. I watch Melodifestivalen every year; the songs are sometimes/often in English so it's a toss-up. You could watch the entire show to hear the hosts speak however - that is worth it (depending on your listening comprehension level). Så mycket bättre is a better show to watch for songs in Swedish, I think, but might be harder to find - especially with subtitle translation.

    My music suggestions would be Veronica Maggio, Lovisa Negga (my personal favorite, but she is Sami and my Swedish friend says her accent is noticeably different), Säkert, Familjen, Kajse Grytt, Looptroop Rockers (their older albums - newer ones are in English), Petter (another hip-hop artist), Linnea Henriksson... there are LOTS more on Spotify.

    I've been using this method as well - pop music often covers a LOT of basic words like want, need, have, go, come, love, hate, etc, and singing can be slower than speaking so it's easier to hear and comprehend at pace what's being said. I have a huge playlist on Spotify of songs all in Swedish that I've been listening to for a few months. Once I found a few artists I liked, I just used the recommend similar feature to find more and more and more. Also, the blog Scandipop sometimes will mention someone new I had not yet heard of. Lycka till!


    Ooh yeah, they're called "Movits!" and they're a sort of modern pop-ish group. It does sound a bit strange at first, but I'm pretty sure you'll like it after a little while. They even have concerts in America from time to time.


    Loreen, she swedish?h


    I also second listening to Movits! They're actually the main reason why I started becoming interested in learning Swedish. You can say that their main genres are swing and hip-hop (interesting combo right?)

    I recommend listening to these songs: Fel Del Av Gården, Äppelknyckarjazz, Sammy Davis Jr., and Skjut mig i Huvet

    That last one has an interesting lyric video on YouTube so maybe you can watch it and try to sing along for pronunciation practice :)


    Thanks for this post, I made a similar one today because I didn't see anything in the newsfeed regarding the awesomeness of Swedish music.


    I recommend 'Melissa Horn' as an artist to listen to.

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