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  5. "Tidningen är kvinnans."

"Tidningen är kvinnans."

Translation:The newspaper is the woman's.

November 23, 2014



Since the course is so far in the beta, maybe it is worth to change the translation to English to be more precise? I've bumped several times to the situation, when entering I had to enter "The newspaper is the woman's" instead of more natural "This is the woman's newspaper". Thanks.


I agree, it is really counter intuitive having to enter a really awkward sentence in English. It should be valid to enter "The newspaper belongs to the woman" or similar.


That would be Det är kvinnans tidning. Since both constructions are perfectly normal in Swedish, it's important that we teach them both. But if we accepted these translations as synonymous, learners would only learn the one that's idiomatic in English. So it makes pedagogical sense not to accept semantic equivalents which have perfectly good other translations.


Agreed. Such a literal translation is too awkward and counter productive.


So did you try reporting it? It works!


Unfortunately reporting doesn't work in the ipad app.


I just replied in windows 8, lets see if someone fix this!!


I agree. "It's the woman's newspaper" would also be fine. Annoying is also that the course will not let be proceed and finish the lesson in question if I do not give the unidiomatic translation "the newspaper is the woman's"; the same goes for "boken är mannens".


or : the newspaper BELONGS to the woman, even if BELONGS is from another verb., but for the sake of good understanding it would be better, especially for those of us who are NOT native english speakers and I think we are quite numerous here ! it is also true that learning languages with DUO using an english basis is helping me to improve or rather refresh, it.


Exactly, "the woman's newspaper" should be correct :/


Is this valid in Swedish grammar? In English it would make more sense to say "The newspaper belongs to the woman." or "It is the woman's newspaper."


Yes, it's a valid sentence.


i really dont get the "the" part.Arghhhhh...!


I was studying through anothrt app that made more natural translations. But I really prefer Duolingo way to put it, because (apparently) it teaches also the sentences structure in Swedish.


How do you hear the difference between



Tidningen är


If you listen closely, there's a definite difference. Teed-neeng-ar-na // teed-ning-en ar.


It really sounds like "tidningarna är kvinnans" to me. This is a hard one :(


How to say " the newspaper is the women's " ?


Tidningen är kvinnornas


do you really say that in english ? i never heard it in my LONG life ! I understand they will say it in Swedish but I would translate it as " the woman's newspaper" or " the newspaper belongs to the woman" if I were to translate it for an english- speaking public.


We do accept "the newspaper belongs to the woman" as well, but "the woman's newspaper" means something else.

Please consider that whatever we put as the default translation is what the system picks to show when you're asked to translate from English into Swedish. Hence, if we want to teach the Swedish construction properly, we'll frequently need to choose what would clearly not be the first choice of translation in a real-life scenario.


sorry, I hadn't read th other comments. so it is perfectly OK for me. But let me say that I had translated it as " the woman's newspaper" a few minutes ago AND IT WAS REJECTED .in spite of what Devalanteriel says in his post.


sorry once again ! your answer to my previous post appeared after I posted my last one ! But then, what do you mean when you say that you have edited your post to show the "Non" now. what " non" are you talking about then ?


In the post to which I was referring, I had originally written "using some idiomatic English will teach you certain Swedish constructions better". Triskal1 kindly pointed out that I had meant "non-idiomatic" rather than "idiomatic", so I edited said post to reflect this.


yes, i see. thanks. i find these discussions highkly interesting. This is why i decided to take the French ( my mother tongue) German( my second mother-tonbgue, Spanish) li lve in South America for over 30 years, Portuguese and Itakiab, all lanbguages I speak very fluientky,


This sentence is fine in English. Similarly we might say "that paper is hers" or "that ball is the boy's (ball) , this ball is the girl's" ... if you're stressing a particular ball etc.

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