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"Il Brasile è questo paese proprio qui."

Translation:Brazil is this country right here.

July 5, 2013



..... da italiano devo dirvi che questa frase suona veramente molto male


La frase non ha un cazzo di senso


It is a part of dialogues between the aboriginal people in Brazil and ship survivors.


Ma se sei in Brasile ora come ora, perché stai parlando italiano?


This phrase could be a teacher showing a student where Brazil is as opposed to Argentina.


This sentence is a nonsense right here


Because one can never tell whether they are in Italy or Brazil.


Ciao a tutti ! Questa frase è totalmente sbagliata . We say : il Brasile è proprio questo paese ! Oppure : il Brasile è proprio questo paese qui ! ( però non si dovrebbe usare ).


is this another idom? why is ther use of proprio?


It isn't an idiom, proprio just has a few different uses. Here it is an adverb and it means right or exactly. Other similar phrases:

  • Lui fa proprio quello / He does exactly that
  • Mia madre scrive proprio così / My mother writes exactly like that
  • Mio fratello cammina proprio come mio padre / My brother walks exactly like my father


Kinda seems redundant to add "right here" to this sentence, or perhaps you could change "this" to "the". If you were showing somebody on a map, you'd probably say, "Brazil is the country right here" or "Brazil is this country."


Made sense to me--someone is looking at a map and pointing out: Brazil is this country right here.


British English doesn't use the 'right here' phrase, just 'here', which adequately describes the situation. So the sentence should be accepted without 'right'. Reported.


the suggestion only shows the possessive pronoun,but we might have had yhe other meaning before?


I struggled and settled on, is this country really Brazil? Sometimes translation seems subjective.


is it my ears or is he saying Brasilia


This is a crazy sentence in English. Why would anyone ever use this sentence? if I don't know how to use it in my mother tongue, how do I have any idea how to use it in italian?


Maybe... A: "I don't know where Brazil is on this map" - "Non so dov'è il Brasile su questa mappa" B(pointing): "Brazil is this country right here" - "Il Brasile è questo paese proprio qui"

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