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"Deze schoenen staan mij niet."

Translation:These shoes do not fit me.

November 23, 2014



Why does staan mean to fit? I thought it meant to stand?


How about "These shoes do not suit me" ?


I used that for the translation exercise and it was accepted. Google translates the sentence to "These shoes are not for me." which is basically the same thing.
I believe "These shoes do not fit me." would translate to Dutch as "Deze schoenen passen mij niet."


Can also be "me" instead of "mij". Means the same and the translator voice isn't clear enough to distinguish easily.


"These shoes do not fit me" and "These shoes do not suit me" seem to mean very different things yet both are accepted. The only way both make sense is for "These shoes do not fit me" to be used in a stylistic sense not in the way that you would normally mean when you say "These shoes do not fit me."


Can this sentence mean "These shoes are not mine'?


That's what I put. LOL

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