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  5. "Zij zwemt behoorlijk goed."

"Zij zwemt behoorlijk goed."

Translation:She swims reasonably well.

November 23, 2014



Difference between "nogal" and "behoorlijk"?


dutch native here.

they mean the same for me. but you cant use both of them in every sentence. idk why we once made this rule.


Also add "tamelijk" to these two. All tree words are synonyms, I suppose.


So in dutch we can use adjectives as adverbs or is it just a coincedence here?


Yes, most adjectives can be used as adverbs without any change.


I wrote "She swims reasonably good" and it was wrong, can anybody explain me why ?


That might be a problem with the English zou used. Reasonably good is something that sounds really unnatural to me. In this case, you have to say reasonably well, but because of the English language, and not because of the Dutch.


Right, it is an issue with the English. "Good" is an adjective, which describes objects. "Well" is an adverb, which describes the action.


So would 'she can swim fairly well' be 'zij kunt behoorlijk goed 'zwemmen'? I thought that would be accepted here but it wasn't.


Hij/zij (ze) kan behoorlijk goed zwemmen. Jij (je) kunt behoorlijk goed zwemmen. Specifically for the verb kunnen "jij kan" is more accepted these days as opposed to 10 to 20 years ago, but 3rd singular + kunt = wrong.


Would "Zij zwemt redelijk goed" be acceptable?


Duth native here.

i think this should be accepted. so yes i think. you say the same with different words


I think 'zwemt' could be translated as either 'swims' or 'is swimming' here; usually duolingo gives the other one as an alternative translation, why not here?


Hi Boukesb,

I think it has to do with the fact that we are describing a skill she has, how well she can do something, so we're kind of speaking in general (thus, not referring to 'now/the moment of speaking'...).... And in such cases in English we'd use the simple present tense.

Hope this helps.


Is "behoorlijk" really suitably translated as "reasonably"?


I think "pretty" or "rather" would be closer to "behoorlijk". And reasonably in Dutch would be more like "redelijk", which is actually the literal translation of the word.


Hmmm... I was having the same problem... I think they do not mean the same thing. I'd rather use 'tamelijk goed' as translation for 'reasonably well'. And I'd prefer 'quite well' or 'rather well' as translations for 'behoorlijk goed'.....


I have a quick question about pronouncement:

Is zwemmen pronounced like "schwemmen"?


No, never. That sounds very German. We dó often devocalise the z to an s, making it sound like 'swemmen'.


Thank you! I think the pronunciation of zwemt in this exercise sounds more like German schwimmen than the English swim. But now I understand that it should actually be the same sound as the English word. Good to know, thanks. :)


I think the person pronouncing it here uses the z-sound. The ch-sound does not appear in Dutch pronunciation of zwemmen or similar words. Dutch people tend to make the reverse mistake when they pronounce Straße and leave out the ch-sound. It's a giveaway for Germans that a person is Dutch and vice versa.


When you say the z-sound, is it the same as the s-sound in English swim? :)


No, I'm trying to explain why it doesn't sound like swim and what you interpret as a German sch-sound is a actually a z, but with perhaps a somewhat faulty audio. Although many Dutch do pronounce zwemmen as swemmen, like marleinrush noted, it differs quite a bit from region to region. Our w is not like the English w, of course, so perhaps that is why it may sound German to you, either with the s or z pronunciation.


Mmmm, I think the Dutch 'z' sounds just like the English 'z' (think of the word 'zebra', for instance).


I think they're different, though I can't exactly explain how. I'm not a native speaker of Dutch, though. I hope someone answers your question.


I wrote "she swims pretty good" why isn't this accepted.


"Good" is an adjective, but adjectives describe objects. Here, the action, the verb, is being described, so it needs an adverb, 'well'. She swims pretty well. I don't know, though, if 'pretty' will be accepted, even if you'd use 'well'. I'd say it's fine.


Hi Lianne_cm,

'Pretty well' should be accepted. :)

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I think "She swims quite good" should be accepted.

Reported, january 2021


She swims quite well*

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OK, that sounds better.



I wrote, "she swims fairly well"

it was not accepted...why not ?

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