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"Finns det internationella pass?"

Translation:Are there international passports?

November 23, 2014



Notice that the "t" is pronounced in "internationella" (The Voice is right). Anyway, that's why 75% of all Swedes pronounce national and international incorrectly. Once you've noticed it, you can't stop thinking about it :).


Then again if 75% of native speakers pronounce something in a certain way, that will automatically make it an acceptable and 'correct' pronunciation :)


Oh no, I meant that 75% of all Swedes pronounce the English words "national" and "international" the "Swedish way" :).


Is 't' pronounced också på finlandssvenska?


I'm no expert, but my feeling is that T is heard even clearer in Finno-Swedish


Aren't all passports international by definition?


Most passports are issued by nation states. However International organizations (eg UN, EU, Interpol) also issue travel documents, usually called laissez-passer, to their staff which may be used in place of a national passport.


Well, my passport was issued by the Swedish Police authority. I know some immigrants, that has two passport, i.e. both from their birth country, and from the country they have moved to and lived in for many years. But I don't know any other state than the Swedish that would issue a second passport for me. So it's tied to citizenship


Ah. I had interpreted "international passports" to mean "passports that can be used for international travel," rather than "passports issued by foreign states."


Ah, that's also a possible interpretation I guess. :D There are other kinds of pass-cards you may need nationally, often when people work at big companies they have a ID-card to be allowed to pass into the area. I know in Sweden Construction Builders use something called "ID06 pass card", sounds English to me. Can it be an international word for 'a national pass' ??


What part of this makes it plural only? Is it the 'a' ending on internationella?


ett internationellt pass - flera internationella pass

And the sentence also makes more sense in plural, I guess.


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