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  5. "Han spiser mad."

"Han spiser mad."

Translation:He eats food.

November 23, 2014



what is the pronunciation of "mad"? it's a sound I can't really describe but i've looked up danish phonetics and i saw that the D in "ad" is pronounced like a voiced TH sound? but "mad" seems to be pronounced like m-eh-gets hit in the stomach

so, what is the pronunciation of words with a vowel + D? -ad -ed stuff like that


Hahah, the sound really is like that.My son said, I just had to pretend I didn't like something and then say that kind of "eah". :-D:-D So yeah,it is like hit-in-the-stomach.


umm try sticking your tongue against your lower teeth and do not take it off - and say try to say an 'l' and a 'get hit in the stomach sound' together. honestly - it works - the d sounds like an 'l' or 'ell'. looking for confirmation from some danes....:)


He eats mad ... no wait ...


Reminds me of "Morgenmad".


The audio gets me everytime on this one. Sounds like she is saying mælk instead... he eats milk? ... something must be wrong with his milk if he is eating it. But if I am not paying attention then that is what I type:/


what else would he eat? metal?


Why is 'He eats meal' not correct? Mad is meal, right?


Well: Mad = Food Meal = Måltid


Could "Han mad mad"?


"Han spiser mad " Why is it translated into "He eats food " and not " He is eating food " ?


Either of those are accurate, depending on context. Danish doesn't make a distinction between "do" and "is doing" like English does. Both "He eats" and "He is eating" translate to "Han spiser". [2019/05/13]


I've been using Duolingo since 2015, and am currently studying Spanish, Italian, French, Polish, Russian and Danish. And I can say that universally, Duo's pronunciation is crap. I've reported it before, and nothing happens. At least Memrise has native-speakers giving examples

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