"En elefant är ett djur."

Translation:An elephant is an animal.

November 23, 2014

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Why does en and ett both mean A and An?? Its so confusing


It's a matter of learning en or ett as part of the word because they are part and parcel of the word and are not transferable. Many words, such as in Dutch and Swedish have different a's and must be learned as a permanent part of the word. Even the words that are 'the' are different, such as katter, spindeln, ankan, vargen, etc. En and ett have to be learned as one word with their noun. That makes it easier to remember.


I struggle with this too


I think this sentence translates to "En elefant er et dyr" in Bokmål. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong


I got this correct. Please sort your coding!


What is the liason code here in Swedish, e.g. in En elefant är ?


Not sure what you mean, ”liason” is not a term used for Swedish.


Unlike French, Swedish doesn't have liaison.


EN ELEFANT ÄR ETT DJUR ! (it is true)


you say en elefand ar ett diur I written
an elephant is an animal.

why you say you are wrong ???


What in blazes is she doing to me??? She (Ms. Red) seems to have a hatred for me because she wrongs me for everything, including no sound yet, one sound only, words and sounds that are exactly right, etc. I don't want to do many things that she wrongs anymore because I know she's going to wipe me out. It's so frustrating!!!


Wrong before I can even make ONE sound!!!


I managed to misspell "elephant". In English.

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