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  5. "The dog is wearing a coat."

"The dog is wearing a coat."

Translation:De hond draagt een jas.

November 23, 2014



The dog must be cold


I keep mixing up the proper usage of het and de. Can someone please clarify the proper uaage of both?


You have to essentially learn each and every one of them. There might be a way for a native Dutch to "hear" which one's right and wrong but I'm not sure. We have the exact same system in Swedish, 2 words for "the", and it depends on the word ending and how it sounds


i could never imagine that


Am I in the Disneyland or what?

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Actually, in colder climes it is quite common, as certain breeds may not be able to take very cold weather. Where I live the Humane Society recommends booties to keep the salt on the sidewalks from hurting the dog's paws.

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