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Att between two verbs

Is there any sort of general rule about when you should use att in between two verbs? For example. I like to sing. "Jag gillar att sjunga". or is "jag gillar sjunga" acceptable. How about "I want to study" or "I need to study." Would you use att in between the verbs in those sentences? Thanks!

November 23, 2014



The short story: It varies with different verbs. Sometimes you must have the "att", sometimes you can't have it, sometimes both ways are ok. So for your examples, Jag gillar att sjunga, I like to sing, you can't take the att out of the sentence. On the other hand, in Jag vill studera, I want to study, you can't add the att.


ahhhh ok. Does the first verb determine if att is used? For example, anytime you use the verb gillar you need to use att before all 2nd verbs? Jag gillar att simma. Jag gillar att sjunga. Jag gillar att äta. Or every time you use vill, you do not use att? Jag vill äta. Jag vill lämna. Jag vill sova.


Yes, that's the principle.

PS it's not correct to use the verb lämna without an object in Swedish, though many Swedes do. Jag vill lämna landet "I want to leave the country" is correct. If you're for instance at a party and would say in English "I want to leave", you should probably use another verb in Swedish, like "Jag vill gå härifrån" (lit. I want to go away from here) or "Jag vill gå hem" (I want to go home).


Ah great, I think this might be huge help to me. Hopefully I can start identifying which verbs use att and which don't. I wonder if there is a list anywhere. Also thanks for the bonus tip about lämna!

Edit - I just noticed there was notes about this under the lesson V. Infinitive

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