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  5. "Waar wacht je op?"

"Waar wacht je op?"

Translation:What are you waiting for?

November 23, 2014



How come does this questions starts with "Waar"? Does it make sense to use "Wat" or "Wie"?


waar ... op/waarop is called a pronominal adverb. It replaces a preposition and a pronoun, e.g. wat + op, by turning the pronoun into a locative adverb ("waar" always replaces "what") and the preposition into a prepositional adverb. Here, the preposition doesn't change, but for things like "met", there is a change: "met" becomes "mee" (with what -> met wat -> waarmee)

op + wat becomes waarop

These are much more common in Dutch than in English.

Some examples of this in English are:

by this becomes hereby

in that becomes therein

It is very common for these pronominal adverbs to become separated in a sentence. This is why the sentence begins with "waar". It belongs with "op".


Excellently broken down and explained. This is exactly the explanation I was looking for when I clicked onto this thread.


Wonderful explanation


Why is "wacht" with a t? Shouldn't it be "wach"?


Nope, if the "t" is part of the stem (like in "wachten"), it doesn't get removed if it comes before "je" or "jij".


Oh, sure, I didn't notice the stem! Thanks!


It's like the german "worauf wartest du?"

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