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  5. "You have biked in the rain."

"You have biked in the rain."

Translation:Jij hebt in de regen gefietst.

November 23, 2014



Okay, I thought biking is an activity that involves movement. To put things worse, the hint gave me both zijn ... gefietst and bent ... gefietst. I answered using zijn .. but then the correct answer is hebt ... gefietst. WTF. This is really annoying, and I think the hint should be fixed.


Jij bent in de regen gefietst!


Why is "zijn" not used as the auxiliary verb here?


"Fietsen" (and many other verbs that describe movement) can actually use both "hebben" and "zijn" as an auxiliary, depending on the context. There's a pretty good explanation at the end of this page.

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