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"I am afraid of the desert of misery."

Translation:Ik ben bang voor de woestijn van ellende.

November 23, 2014



"Ik ben bang voor" is the same as "Ik vrees" (I fear), yet it's not an accepted answer.


You are correct. Report it!


I reported it on January 15, 2016.


Fun fact:

Ellende is cognate with Old English 'elland', it literally means el- (other, foreign, alien, strange) + land. The prefix only seems to survive in the Lovecraftian 'eldritch', a distortion of 'elrich', or 'strange-kingdom.' The word 'elland' or 'ellende' or German 'Elend' originally referred to Exile, a well documented and sorrowful punishment. The meaning of sorrow comes from this.


So this is more akin to the French "misère", meaning extreme poverty rather than unhappiness

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