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  5. "Wir müssen jetzt gehen."

"Wir müssen jetzt gehen."

Translation:We have to leave now.

November 23, 2014



Does "müssen" have a meaning as strong as "must" in English? The translation gives both "must" and "need to" as options. Is one of them better than the other, or are they equally good translation depending on context?

February 28, 2017


Why is the word "leave" not be acceptable for gehen. As in "Wir mussen jetzt gehen"? (We must leave now)

December 11, 2014


In this context, it's okay. But you can't always translate gehen as to leave, it just means to go or to walk.

December 12, 2014


I don't get it either. I had the question, "Sie müssen nicht sofort gehen." and it accepted 'You do not have to leave right away'. So why it doesn't accept leave in this sentence is beyond me. I reported it that it should be accepted.

January 20, 2015


"Leave " appeared in the translation Duo gave to me and at the top of this discussion

January 5, 2018


"Now we have to go" is not accepted. I have reported.

March 17, 2015


Why doesn't "mussen" have the fancy double s symbol if it has two s's?

November 23, 2014


Do you mean an 'ß'? That's for after a long vowel or a diphthong.

November 23, 2014


Yes, thank you. My keyboard just didn't have that key. Thank you for clarifying!

November 23, 2014


You don't need a special keyboard; you may just add German keybord in your language panel and it would be "-" responsible for ß. There are also "[" for ü, ";" for ö and "'" for ä.

March 17, 2015


Why doesn't it accept "now we must go"?

May 12, 2015


It accepts "we must go now." .

August 6, 2015


"We must get going" was not accepted

January 15, 2016


Can anyone tell me why "We should go now" wasnt accepted? I'd like to report it.

February 27, 2016


"should" = "sollten" isn't as strong as "have to" = "müssen". The fist one is an advice that leaves the option of ignoring it, the latter is more urgent.

February 27, 2016


Is the verb mussen a synonym like for brauchen?

January 24, 2017


I really thought Duo would understand me, i said "We gotta go now" and not sure why it's wrong

Unhappy face emoji

October 11, 2018


We have to go now what is wrong

October 21, 2018


"We have to go now." was accepted, now.

June 9, 2019
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