"Lo specchio rimane qui."

Translation:The mirror remains here.

July 5, 2013

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I really wish I could understand what this recording is saying, but the pronunciation is always muffled and difficult to hear. Am I the only one experiencing this problem?


Rimane was not understandable to me, which is especially frustrating with context. I was trying to think what fills in "the mirror blank here" and still cound not get it. By comparison, the Spanish recordings are much better.


I thought it was domani, and had it written for at least 3-4 fast listens, then cheated and listened to the slow (because I knew 'domani' was crazy in terms of meaning!) and then I got it. Unfortunately it is difficult to discern and that does make it hard to mentally search your vocabulary, so I agree with you there.

All I can say is that:
1. :-) I have reported about certain things and seen them fixed later
2. :-( I have reported others and they haven't been fixed yet
3. :-( This one perplexes me, still isn't fixed, and is embedded in practically every sentence that uses 'un' (which demonstrates the robot-like / programming nature of the voice / sentences) --- the fast 'un' that when listened in slow mode turns into a 'una' --- which makes you change your answer to incorrect 'una', then you lose your heart :-(

My conclusion has been we need to be patient and supportive, recognizing duo's progress and urging them forward with good ideas. :-)


Five years later, it is still not fixed. I thought she said "di ma e' qui", which doesn't make sense either. At first I thought it was "domani", too. The female voice distorts many words, in my opinion.


Sometimes I have the same problem, but since I speak Spanish I do not find difficult to understand what the woman/robot is saying. "Lo specchio rimane qui" sounds perfectly clear.


what is the difference between qui and qua?


Qui refers to a more specific place than qua.


"Qui" it is a place very close to you. "Qua" is close to you but slightly away from the place where you are. The same with "li" and "la" being the latter slightly further.


Bad news for snow white...


Strange sentence. I suppose if you're moving furniture around in a room it makea sense. However, I do think that DL could use more appropriate sentences for beginners eg travel and shopping before rearranging the furniture in an apartment. Just saying


Duo translates rimane as remains but it should be stays. Only rubbish remains; the good stuff stays!


Why is it "lo" instead of "il"?


Because words beginning with "s+consonant" take "lo" instead of "il".


It works like "lo squalo". It's a so called "s impurum". It can also be a letter that just sounds like "s" as in lo zio or lo zoo


to me it shounds like 'dimani' not rimane.


What's the difference between qui and qua?

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