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  5. "Hun har gaflen i skabet."

"Hun har gaflen i skabet."

Translation:She has the fork in the cabinet.

November 23, 2014



"skabet" sounds like "skablet"


Final d, and sometimes final t, or d between vowels, sound very much like L, at least to us non-native speakers. More technically, the final d and t are unreleased and lateralized. The tip of the tongue touches pretty much the same spot for t, d, and L, and if the sides of the tongue are relaxed a bit, it will sound like an L.


She has got the fork in the cupboard. Is not good English.


Why not? Don't like "have got"? It's perfectly fine.


What kind of cabinet are they talking about?


Skab is a collective term for any larger-sized pieces of furniture that often have multiple compartments and doors and/or drawers that open to the front side. Fitting English translations are "wardrobe", "cupboard", "cabinet", and maybe "closet", depending on how generous you are with the definition.

Here it's most likely a cupboard.


So, the only fork in the house is kept in the cabinet? What kind of festival would be so special that "The Fork" is used?


It must be the special, long, three-pronged meat fork, but why isn't it kept in the drawer?


Also her Moet et Chandon.


it was the girl with the fork in the cabinet!


So it's: en gaffel / gaflen. And not gaffelen? I've not seen a singular indefinite remove a letter to form the singular definite. I've only seen this in exceptions when it becomes plural, i.e. en kartoffel / kartofler.

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