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Real life practice

At one point, I had an option to do real-life practice, which had highlighted words from a text translation that would be strengthened. I no longer see this option. Has this been removed? I think it is a great feature that should be reinstated if so, or expanded.

July 5, 2013



Hi gwezito, we temporarily removed that feature due to performance reasons, it will be back soon (once we've fixed the performance problem).


We updated the way that we integrate real-world practice into Duolingo. You can try your hand at translating via the immersion view, and we also now recommend articles for you to read and translate after you finish certain lessons. Here are some more details about these new recs from Duolingo's founder, Luis: http://www.duolingo.com/#/comment/540020


So Kristine, is there any moderator/manager person that knows all the languages?


Yeah, I saw that it was back yesterday and wondered about it!

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