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  5. "Kvinnorna läser mannens bok."

"Kvinnorna läser mannens bok."

Translation:The women read the man's book.

November 23, 2014



Does this mean both the man's book (that he owns), and the man's book (that he wrote)?


I thing the phrase will be more specific if the man really wrote the book.


So a general rule of thumb is that adding an s will make any noun a possessive?


The first exercises in this language I feel truly comfortable with! Thank goodness their possessive works similarly to English here.


I wrote, "The woman reads the man's book," and I'm not sure why this is wrong. I simply put 'reads' to save typing out 'is reading'. I was under the impression that läste was the past tense form of 'to read', so shouldn't, 'The woman read the man's book' be 'Kvinnorna läste mannens bok'?

Have I got terribly mixed up somewhere, or is there a mistake?


"The woman" is the problem. "Kvinnorna" means "The women". If it was "The woman" it would have been "Kvinnan".


Ah, my mistake. I can't believe I missed that! Thanks for the help :)


I can't get this correctly. I have a started sentence written that I have to complete. The last words I have to complete it are given : the - man - 's - book But that doesn't work. It's always wrong, also when I try it Yoda style.


I think it must be (s) after the verb read because it is simple present tense


The -s form is only used for the singular third person ('he', 'she', or 'it'). But here we're talking about more than one woman. So
The women read … or The women are reading … = plural women
The woman reads … or The woman is reading … = one woman.


I wrote ' the women read the husband's book" how should i know the difference


We only really use man if you're talking about a specific person in regards to their husband. For instance, hon pratar med sin man, or min man äter ost.

For a sentence like the one in this example, no Swede would ever think "husband" was meant.


Why not is reading? It is the same no?


We do accept "are reading", yes. It can't be "is" because "women" is the plural form.


I'm typing in Swedish but it says I'm typing in English


Why did this sound so english for a second


why it says that I say "mannens" wrong all the time? Nothing seems to sound right... frustrating


Isnt int reads but read since its third person?


It's reads in the third person singular, but read in the third person plural. So:

  • the woman reads
  • the women read
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